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Architectural design in Oxford: the top three features we predict for 2020

23 Dec '19

Architectural design in Oxford
Garden Office Pod, architectural design Oxford

As a busy year ends, we begin to look forward to the exciting projects the coming year will have on offer. Whilst it is impossible to predict, exactly, what architectural design in Oxford will have in store, we can look at trends to predict design features that may be popular at the start of this next decade.


1. Extensions


Brexit - whether you voted to leave or remain - has brought a level of uncertainty with it, and many people do not feel it to be the right time to plan a move or an upsize. However, many homes simply do not offer the amount of living space required for growing families, particularly in some of the period architectural design found in and around Oxfordshire. We predict the popularity of extensions to traditional houses will continue to grow as many people choose to stay put and improve, rather than move. Whilst extending an existing property is not always straight forward, with planning constraints often in situ, having an experienced architect can help with the process, designing a sleek renovation to sit comfortably alongside the existing.


2. Garden offices


With the country leaning towards a ‘don’t move – improve’ mentality, we are also seeing a rise in garden offices and studios which we predict will continue this coming year. As extensions are not always suited to all properties, often given to a lack of space or planning issues, a garden room offers an alternative. It is also a cheaper option to providing a homeowner with extra space to work, or to accommodate house guests, without the upheaval a large-scale build brings. Garden rooms no longer need to be bulky or shed like, here at William Green Architects we specialise in architectural design, which is contemporary, modern and subtle, when it needs to be. Through the use of glazed walls and natural materials we can make a garden room blend seamlessly into its surroundings.


3. Industrial, minimalist and eco design


Over the past decade we have become more aware of the importance of reducing our waste and protecting the natural environment. This is mirrored heavily in the upcoming architectural trends. As we become more eco conscious we reduce our need to excessively over accessorise our homes. Those designing new builds are steering towards more minimalistic interiors, using fewer but higher quality items, rather than disposable fashionable goods. Materials used are chosen for their recyclable qualities or their sustainability, and properties are being designed with their footprint as eco-friendly as possible.


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