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Creative Architectural Design For Oxford Town House Approaches Completion

4 Dec '15

rear elevation

Situated within the Central Oxford Conservation Area, this four story, prime-residential property is nearing the end of an extensive architectural design, refurbishment and extension. The clients approached us requesting a more contemporary, family friendly living space, increasing the current bedroom sizes and providing improved bathroom facilities. The architectural brief asked for a larger, modern kitchen/diner space that would integrate with the garden, whilst maintaining the visual links to the front of the property.

We proposed to develop a three-story extension, utilising the generous side and rear space, whilst maintaining access to the back of the property. It was vital to adhere to planning laws within the conservation area therefore the extension, being largely hidden from the street, does not impact heavily upon the front elevation and maintains the current streetscape.

The entrance hall has now been opened up through the extensive use of glass, creating a light and welcoming feel when entering the property, yet still providing views, as well as easy access, to the garden. The side extension connects to the entrance hall and it has allowed us to re-configure the ground floor, providing easier access to the living rooms and in turn creating a more natural flow to the property. To the back of the house we have replaced the existing conservatory with the modern, architecturally designed, rear extension. This enables the kitchen to maintain a central position within the building, opening it up and creating the family friendly space the clients desire. With the added square footage, the kitchen allows space for an integral island and large dining table creating a wonderfully social environment. With the use of bi folding doors, we have maintained links with the garden, supplying year-round enjoyment of the outdoor space.

The property extends outwards over an additional two floors giving ample bedroom and bathroom accommodation whilst remaining contextually in keeping with the existing home. The extension itself is a bespoke contemporary addition, which utilises glass and natural materials, such as larch cladding, helping to break up the dominating brickwork present on the rear elevation whilst defining the new from the old.

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