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A day in the life of our Oxfordshire Architects

18 Mar '20

Thomas Jarman

People are, of course, well aware that architects design buildings, but does it stop there? Today we are heading out with one of our Oxfordshire architects and Practice Manager, Thomas, to see just what he gets up to on an average Tuesday in March.


Coffee and communication
Thomas’ day begins with the ever-pressing meeting in the kitchen of our penthouse Banbury offices to discuss the importance of… the coffee beans. It appears coffee is a serious business here at William Green Architects and no day can begin without analysis of the quality of the coffee and whether it needs adapting. Only once the beans have been approved can the serious work begin, emails.


As manager, Thomas has to deal with countless emails in a day, keeping abreast of many different projects at once. Our practice not only designs property, from residential to commercial, it offers a full architectural service, offering clients the opportunity to have one of our architects oversee their project from beginning to end. Therefore, we communicate with not only our clients, but several contractors and consultants per project, from structural engineers and builders to plumbers - and from landscape architects to interior designers - ensuring everyone is on the same page.


Site visits and tenders
Before heading out on any site visits, the team catches up on top priorities. Some days this may be delivering a tender package; ensuring all the technical drawings are ready to be sent out to builders for costing - or submitting drawings to planners in order to gain planning permission. This is followed by a quick look at the day’s architecture news (…’what do we really think of the Tulip?’) before heading out to site.


The finer detail
Most of the team will have a site visit on any one day and for larger projects, two or three team members may attend. Site visits can be about meeting new clients to discuss a project and offering creative insight to expand its potential, but today Thomas is visiting our exciting Cotswold farmhouse site. Whilst there he takes an in-depth look around, examining the quality of the build and ensuring everything is in line with the architectural plans. Once happy with the build, Tom discusses options for finer details and finishes, today looking at the samples for the curved timber cladding and whether to go for vertical or horizontal options.


Planning officers
Next it’s back to the office where more emails await. Plus a lengthy discussion takes place with the planning officers to ensure any constraints are smoothed out, enabling a beautiful architecturally designed new build to pass through planning.


Going home happy
Then, at last, Thomas can get to the drawing board to conjure up some exciting new concepts. The day ends with an in-house meeting with clients to present further concept drawings and a very positive end to the day. Happy customers all round and the project is given the go ahead. Busy days, but all worth it when our clients go home happy.


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