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Looking ahead to 2021 – our Oxford architects’ aims and aspirations

11 Dec '20

Eco building
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This time last year we sat down to discuss our architectural aims and aspirations for the coming year. Needless to say, no one could have predicted the way 2020 would turn out. With lockdowns and Brexit, immense pressure was placed on everyone, but small companies, in particular, felt the strain. We are relieved to have made it through the difficult year, thanks to our supportive clients and efficient contractors, and remain positive for a productive and exciting 2021.

Looking ahead to the new year, we are keen to hone in on William Green Architects’ core values and aspire to implement them wherever possible.


Eco building


Environmentally friendly architecture is not a new venture; however, it is becoming increasingly critical. With the world waking up to the importance of reversing the effects of climate change and global warming, it is in all of our best interests to ensure our future designs incorporate the latest eco-friendly technologies and building materials. Within our builds we ensure outdated resources are improved and replaced with ones that meet the relevant sustainability requirements. This can be as simple as changing building materials, for example, utilising recycled steel during construction in place of new. In the coming year we will continue to implement sustainable techniques, taking time to evaluate the materials and methods. Can the product be renewed or recycled, has it been recycled in the past, is it biodegradable, is it a local resource? These questions are just some of many that we discuss before choosing to move forward with a design.


Design and creativity


Many people believe that architecture is about straight lines and efficient plans and, whilst these are vital within the profession, our belief is that imaginative design and a flair for creativity are equally important. When faced with a new project, undoubtedly there will be constraints to be addressed. The property may lie within a conservation area, for example, or there may be difficulties in creating a sympathetic elevation to ensure the proposed design sits comfortably within the existing streetscape. These instances are where our architects’ innovation comes to the fore. Making continuous use of their artistic impression helps to overcome the day-to-day architectural problems we are faced with. 2021 looks to bring some exciting projects and design challenges, and we look forward to embracing them.




At William Green Architects we pride ourselves on working in partnership with our clients from start to finish. Within our initial consultation we will take note of exactly what it is our clients desire and work hard to ensure that requirement is met. Moving on from the design stage we can recommend contractors to uphold meticulous attention to detail, implementing traditional building techniques where necessary and helping to invent new ones should the need arise. With new projects and new clients on the horizon, we are motivated and inspired to develop the strong relationship we have earned with our past clients, in turn making 2021 a phenomenally successful year.


Should you be inspired to begin your own architectural project in 2021, why not contact our Oxford architects to discuss how they can help you throughout the design and build process?