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Our top tips for professional planning application advice

7 May '19

Planning application advice

You have found your plot, jotted down ideas, perhaps you even have in-depth plans for the house of your dreams, that’s the hardest part done, right? Sadly not, with the planning application still to come, nothing is a given. In this week’s blog, our architects offer some professional planning application advice to help you achieve the result you want:

  1. Before you approach the planning stage it is vital that you do your homework, that is, to investigate the area that you hope to build in. Has anyone built anything similar recently? What has been approved by planning officials? Does the area have conservation status or is it located within a green belt? All these factors, along with many others, make a huge difference as to whether planning will be approved. If a plot is just outside the village curtilage, it may be refused, or if your proposed project is just too far from the realms of the current streetscape, it may not stand a chance.
  2. If you are not sure about any of the factors listed above, it may be worth approaching a planning consultant before going ahead with a sale. For a fee they can assess the plot, offer advice, and are honest about the likelihood of achieving planning approval. It may seem like a waste of money, paying out before you have even bought the property, but trust us, in the long run it can save you thousands.
  3. Hire an architect that knows the local area, has worked alongside the planning officers and can draw your plans up. A professional architect will know the constraints and, often, how to work around them. You may be wanting a sleek, contemporary design in an area of traditional Grade II listed buildings. The architects will be able to work to your specifications and the requirements of the planning consultants, coming up with a solution to suit both parties.
  4. Alongside knowing local planning laws, hiring an architect to draw up your plans means your design is sleek, clean and can be fully understood by the planners. Design and access statements are provided and upon receipt of the planner’s decision your architect can discuss any planning conditions that may have been provided.

Still unsure about the planning procedure and planning application advice? Look at the services we provide and how we can help you through this stage of your build. Do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions.