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Oxford architects complete on family home remodelling in Bloxham

25 Sep '20

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Kitchen design
Bloxham Kitchen
Bloxham Bathroom

‘What looked like great designs on paper have turned into a beautiful living space’


At the end of our client’s first month in their completed home, our Oxford architects are thrilled to share images of the finished project. It’s safe to say the owners are overwhelmed: ‘It is fantastic!’ The beautiful cottage is located within the historic village of Bloxham in Oxfordshire, with views over the Grade I listed church, notable for its 14th century tower and spire. Quintessentially British in design, the original property, whilst gorgeous, was proving too small for modern family life and the owners were keen to improve it, rather than moving.  


Our architects approached the design sympathetically, aware that planning officers would be strict to ensure any modern changes wouldn’t impose on the current streetscape. However, they still needed to produce a concept that would allow the changes our clients required most, including a two-bay garage, an enlarged kitchen space and a garden studio. With excellent attention to detail, the final concept was not only approved for planning, but it has also gone on to complete the home perfectly. The most difficult aspect of the design was to seamlessly blend the extension to the existing, and through the use of a stepped roof the perceived mass has been reduced, allowing it to sit comfortably alongside the surrounding homes.


The roofscape has been modified to allow undisturbed views across the village, and to ensure the build remained eco-friendly, a sedum roof has been installed over the extension. These ‘living roofs’ have been proven to provide an ecosystem for local flora and fauna whilst absorbing carbon emissions and noise pollution. They help to alleviate flooding due to their excellent water retention abilities and give a natural source of thermal insulation, at the same time rewarding the owners with views of wildflowers.


We are delighted with the finished property and pleased that our clients are as thrilled as we are. The interior design is now complete and gives the final touches to ensure the perfect blend of both cosy country cottage and modern family house. We wish them many happy years in their perfect home.


Are you craving a bigger home but don’t relish the thought of moving? Perhaps an extension or renovation is the preferred option for you? Why not phone our team of Oxford architects to talk through your design options?