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Oxfordshire architects begin work on two storey extension

6 Feb '20

Side elevation plans
Two storey extension
Extension floor plans

Starting a new year with a brand new project is always exciting for the team, and this two storey extension is no exception. Our Oxfordshire architects gained planning for the proposed last summer and are thrilled that the builders, G H Gault, have now begun on-site.


Situated on the edge of a rural Oxfordshire village, the planners had been concerned that the plot was bordering on open countryside and outside the curtilage of the village. However, as always, our architects were careful to address the planners apprehensions and using the powers of 3D modelling, we were able to demonstrate how the proposed would sit in relation to the village and surrounding green space. The planners appreciated our careful attention to detail and the design was approved.


The clients had approached us initially with a compact property that had limited social space and few bedrooms. Whilst attractive as a cottage, it was felt that for the property to be a forever home, some alterations would have to be made. Aside from extra space, the clients craved a connection with the outdoors. The existing house only had garden access through the back door, and limited views, not taking full advantage of the beautiful countryside on the doorstep.


Our Oxfordshire architects developed a design to extend and remodel the rear of the property to provide a large live-in kitchen diner, with a spacious master suite above. The space is to be light and airy, opening the scale of the house and maximising the views across the garden and impressive landscape.


The design is no doubt unique, but it has not lost sight of its origins and provides a careful balance of old and new. The long-term sustainability has been addressed by ensuring existing walls are well insulated, externally, so as not to lose internal space. A new render is to also be applied externally, but the original charm and Intrigue of the cottage has not been lost.


As is often with older properties, there have been small constraints and challenges that have had to be resolved: ceiling height, for instance, and our architects overcame this by reducing the height of the eaves to be able to link the new to the old. By using a mixture of materials, the extension is defined, but has been cleverly scaled to sit comfortably within the environment. The finished property will be an attractive four bed country home, with two bathrooms, a large open plan socialising space and quieter sitting room for reading and enjoying music. We look forward to updating you on this project over the coming months.


Wondering if an extension would benefit your rural property? Why not contact our Oxfordshire architects to discuss your ideas?