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Oxfordshire Architects Recommend: ‘Don’t Move – Improve!’

4 Feb '19

Don't Move - Improve

Oxfordshire Architects Recommend: ‘Don’t Move – Improve!’

It would be an untruth if we said that 2019 hasn’t brought about some feelings of instability. With Brexit taking over the news, the country’s population is nervous about making larger financial decisions, particularly, it would seem, where buying and selling houses is concerned. As Oxfordshire architects, we have noticed that the local housing market has slowed considerably with the imminent Brexit deadlines. However, if you are feeling dissatisfied with your property there are other options to simply selling up and moving on. In these unsettling times, why not avoid the move and improve your home instead? Here are some of the best ways to make your home more user-friendly, while adding value at the same time.

Transform unused space

How often do you use your garage for your car? In a recent survey it was uncovered that more than fifty percent of UK homes use their garage for clutter, rather than a vehicle. Whilst extra storage space is always handy, maybe it’s time to ask yourself how much of the clutter is necessary? If shortage of space in your home is the biggest concern, then why not approach the task of ditching the ‘stuff’ and reworking your garage, or loft, into the extra bedroom or bigger kitchen you had always dreamed of? An architect will always be happy to come out to your home and look at the dimensions, advising you on what type of conversion might suit you best.

Rework internal space

If extra loft or garage space isn’t an option, perhaps reworking the internal space you already have might be a better solution? Renovating a home can be a daunting process, but by reworking the interior, you can achieve dramatic results without large-scale works. Why not try integrating rooms by knocking down unnecessary walls to create a stylish, open plan, entertaining space? Professional planning can be vital in getting the best from your home, generating a flow of natural light throughout, bringing the outdoors in, promoting better spatial awareness and functionality. It is always worth having an architect look at the project before you go ahead, to ensure load bearing walls are not removed in the process, and if a load bearing wall is in question, give a suitable solution.


This is potentially the most expensive way to improve your home, but in no doubt the most rewarding. If you have the space to do so, and no planning restrictions in place, extending your property can turn a nice house into a dream home. Moving home incurs a huge amount of costs, from agent fees to stamp duty, not to mention the deposit on a new house, yet often for the same price you can create a stylish, architecturally designed space. Adding a second storey to that extension isn’t always as costly as many think either. An architect will happily visit your property for a consultation. Not only can they draw up the design you have in mind, they can also advise on planning constraints and other issues that may cause hold ups, such as site access. Planning constraint in the area does not always mean that planning will be denied; a good architect will know how to liaise with the planning officials to make your extension work for everyone involved.


Thinking of making improvements to your home? Contact our Oxfordshire architects to discuss your ideas further.