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Top Qualities your Cotswold Architects Must Demonstrate

5 Nov '18

Top Qualities your Cotswold ARchitects must have

Have you been considering an architectural project of your own but are unsure where to start? Our useful hints and tips below can help guide you into choosing a Cotswold architects practice that is perfect for you.

Planning knowledge

The Cotswolds is broken up into several different district councils and each of these have their own planning constraints and restrictions. Choosing an architect who has worked closely alongside local planners can help to avoid unnecessary costs caused by delays in achieving planning permission. Your architect should have expert knowledge on where the local green belts lie, whether land is classed as agricultural and if your plot falls within the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – and liaise with planners on getting your ideas approved regardless of the challenges you face.

Sympathetic of local architecture

Planning can often be declined, not only due to local planning constraints, but also if your design is not sympathetic with the existing buildings in the area. Planners are not against new and modern designs; however, they will be sensitive towards how the property sits within the existing location, for example, declining a project that is deemed too large for the current streetscape. It is important to choose an architect who will be sympathetic of the local architecture, ensuring the project meets your criteria whilst gaining support from the local planners.

Exploiting the characteristics of each site

As architects are faced with so many planning constraints it is important for them to be able to work around each, delivering the project to be the one you always dreamed of. By utilising the unique characteristics of each site, they can take full advantage of your plot. A sloping area, for example, can be the perfect opportunity to build into the gradient, creating extra floors, or hiding more modern features from restrictive streetscapes.

Balancing brief and budget

When planning an architectural design of your own you will have a set of special requirements. Your brief may want to incorporate a certain number of bedrooms, a specific kitchen size or offices that can accommodate staff when your business expands. Whatever you are planning you will, no doubt, have a strict budget to accommodate your design. Your Cotswold architects must have an outstanding knowledge of predicted timescales and building costs to ensure the finished design is realistic to your needs and on budget.

The finished design should be architecturally accurate, ensuring the building progresses with the fewest setbacks possible. Also, when managing the overall build, they should demonstrate confidence and professionalism in dealing with all the various trades people required on a project of this scale.

Inspired to find your own Cotswold architects? Take a look at the services we provide and do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your ideas.