A sense of arrival.

— 23 August 2023

The arrival at a property can be a single moment or a sequence. It can be as simple as walking through a door, or it can involve opening a gate, strolling along a path, passing under an arch, ascending a step, and finally reaching the entrance of a building. How this arrival sequence unfolds depends on various factors such as the purpose and context of the building, its size, location, and orientation. Additionally, the way in which one arrives at a building is also influenced by the message the client wishes to convey. All these considerations are taken into account with great care and attention.

When it comes to a building's arrival, our aim is to create a cohesive and well-coordinated physical experience. It is an event that marks the transition from the public realm to the private domain, from the outside world to the interior space. This significant moment holds great importance, and we strive to make it a memorable and an enjoyable experience for those who encounter it.

In the case of a private residence, the arrival can be designed in various ways. It could involve a grand driveway adorned with majestic trees, a charming street paved with cobblestones, or a sleek concrete path. These tactile and visual encounters contribute to setting the stage and play a crucial role in influencing our emotions and perceptions.

Sometimes, the arrival may be enhanced by incorporating existing natural features that are conveniently located on the site. Alternatively, we may purposefully design and arrange captivating elements to heighten the overall experience. We take pleasure in intertwining these narratives into our designs, ensuring that every aspect contributes to a positive and enchanting arrival.

The architecture of arrival becomes an integral part of a building's character. It leaves a lasting impression on regular visitors, particularly when they arrive home. This aspect may often be taken for granted, but for us, it is one of the foremost considerations in our design process. The sense of arrival can be emphasised or toned down depending on the desired effect, but it should never be mundane.

The act of arriving at a building is not just a mere formality, it is a carefully crafted experience. Every detail, from the entrance design to the surrounding elements, is thoughtfully considered to create a seamless and captivating transition from the outside world to the interior space. By carefully intertwining the purpose of the building, its location, and the desires of the client, we strive to ensure that the arrival is a memorable event.

A unique home arrival by William Green Architects.
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