Pavilion for All, London.

— 01 March 2022

Pavilion for All was an Architect’s Journal open competition seeking design ideas for a net-zero sports and active-play pavilion to be built at the heart of Clitterhouse Playing Fields. It will form part of the master plan for Brent Cross Town, one of Europe’s biggest regeneration projects. Architectural competitions test our team, giving them opportunities to hone their creative and technical skills. The ideas generated while creating competition entries can then be applied to our client projects, bringing new dimensions to our work.

The playing fields, an area of green space the size of 22 football pitches, has never been developed before and is central to the vision for the £7 billion ‘park town’.

Our pavilion design aims to create a focus in the middle of this expansive, flat and fairly featureless park. We asked ourselves: How can we bring as many people into the park as possible?

Standing proudly in its central location, our pavilion draws the eye across the playing fields, and creates a destination for many of the natural paths that crisscross the open space. Anyone in the park will see it and be drawn to it.

It’s the perfect place to shelter, congregate, refresh, enjoy views, or begin and end a circular walk, run or cycle. The public amenities in this inclusive, interactive and multifunctional space, including a viewing platform on the roof, will remain accessible even when the pavilion is closed.

Our technical approach includes elements of fractal and biophilic design, which mimic the essence of landscape and enhance the pavilion’s connection to its surroundings.

Natural and sustainable materials will be used wherever possible, including charred timber cladding, green roofs, timber and straw ModCell walls, dowel-laminated timber and reclaimed stone paving.

In the wider landscape, trees, wildflower meadow strips and corridors will create interest for walkers and perfect picnic spots. We also propose to give part of the site back to the community as allotments.

William Green Architects Pavilion for All exterior 2
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