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Northamptonshire architects

We are an ambitious Architects practice serving Northamptonshire clients

William Green Architects have been practicing Architecture from our studio in the neighbouring county of Oxfordshire for nearly 20 years and have enjoyed numerous and varied projects within Northamptonshire. We have a close connection to the county and have a deep understanding of what makes the area special.

We search for projects that want to celebrate and connect harmoniously with the context of the beautiful surroundings. Projects that elevate above the ordinary through carefully considered site-responsive solutions that settle timelessly into the fabric of Northamptonshire.

We aim to use sustainable, local, natural materials that mellow with age in both a traditional and contemporary manner. Creating bespoke, crafted Architecture that respects the rural roots whilst being informed by the clarity of thought of modern architecture.

Our experienced team of design professionals are privileged to work on projects that take the time to understand our clients dreams and provide the vision to create the reality. 

Please do browse our work further by following this link to see how we created a beautiful family home at a Grade II Listed Model Farm.

We are keen to work with like-minded clients who share our vision for beautiful architecture. Please get in touch via our enquire page or call 0330 320 0665, or alternatively  

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William Green Architects offers a complimentary initial onsite consultation with project owners in Northamptonshire

During this in-person complimentary consultation, one of our team will take the time to understand your project and discuss our creative approach.

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Featured residential projects in Northamptonshire

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Award winning remodelling of a Grade II listed house with new indoor swimming pool