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Cleenol Head Office

Cleenol is one of the UK’s leading innovators, manufacturers and suppliers of quality cleaning and hygiene products. The company approached us to design a complete refurbishment of their head office building in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

On the first floor we’ve created an open plan office layout that expresses the scale of the operation. It’s a flexible space that can be easily rearranged – future-proofed for changes in work practices.

We worked closely with the senior management at Cleenol to understand how the team would move through the spaces. As you walk in from the stairs, a whole room reveal creates a sense of togetherness. Timber strip acoustic panelling on the ceiling draws your eye diagonally across the room to the far corner, and the quiet breakout space with soft furnishings.

Next to the breakout area are set of meeting rooms with full-height glazing on the south side and corners, providing glimpses into the spaces while maintaining a degree of privacy.

Towards the middle of the main office space is a coffee station. This is a focal point, which is emphasised by a lowered ceiling that creates a cosy, more social ambience.

Glass doors along the side of the main office space open onto a balcony with timber screens that shield it from neighbouring buildings and the goods-in entrance below. This balcony forms the roof of a covered terrace below, accessible from the ground floor staff café.

Externally, we created a more animated front elevation through a number of tweaks that made a big difference. For example, brise-soleil shading above the windows provides interesting architectural detailing. It also reduces glare from the sun and solar heat gain. The shading allows low-level sun to enter the building in the mornings, evenings and during winter, but cut direct light during summer.

This commercial property project is all about celebrating our client’s business and providing their team with a first-class office environment.

  • Location:  Oxfordshire
  • Construction Cost:  £TBC

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