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Architecture News

11 Dec '20

This time last year we sat down to discuss our architectural aims and aspirations for the coming year. Needless to say, no one could have predicted the way 2020 would turn out.

2 Dec '20

When hiring an architect your key motive will be to alter your living space. Perhaps you desire a larger kitchen, more bedrooms or an open plan socialising space.

21 Oct '20

2020 has proved to be a difficult year for everybody, but here at William Green Architects we have been inspired by the attitudes of many of our on-site contractors.

25 Sep '20

‘What looked like great designs on paper have turned into a beautiful living space’


14 Sep '20

You have been dreaming about your ideal property for as long as you can remember and you now own a plot of land with the potential to turn that dream into a reality.

28 Jul '20

Situated within the idyllic Cotswolds, our clients owned a stunning period farmhouse, surrounded by picturesque villages and rolling countryside; it was very much the dream country home.