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Cotswold architects highlight the accuracy of CGI

14 Sep '20

CGI versus reality

You have been dreaming about your ideal property for as long as you can remember and you now own a plot of land with the potential to turn that dream into a reality. By calling in our Cotswold architects, the first steps in the process are already well underway. They have the knowledge and skills to envisage the final results, well before the building stage has even begun. Yet, how can you be certain that your dream will be play out as you had planned? Commissioning a project on this scale can be incredibly nerve wracking and there are fees to pay throughout the entire process. Essentially, you are placing your trust in on-site contractors to deliver what you truly desire, so how can our architects put your mind at ease?


When you approach one of our Cotswold architects with an idea, the first thing they will do is simply listen. During your consultation, notes will be made, and quick sketches drawn by hand, to develop your vision. The architect will then return to our offices and set to work with turning the vision in your mind into something more real. Through a clever series of CAD drawings and computer-generated imagery (CGI) we follow up our initial appointment with a clear visual representation of your idea. Working together, design changes can be altered throughout the design stage until the final CGI represents the dream property you always envisaged. However, we understand that this is still simply an image, so how closely can a CGI of your dream property compare to the finished result? Here, we compare the CGI of a Grade II listed renovation and swimming pool extension to the professional photography taken at the end of the build.


The owners of this beautiful and distinctive Georgian farmhouse requested an extension that would house a modern lap pool and gym whilst sitting comfortably alongside the original property. Given the sensitive nature, and the planning restraints which often go hand in hand with listed properties, our architects needed to ensure all parties were one hundred percent happy with the design before seeking approval. Through CGI they were able to give a clear representation of how the finished extension would look alongside the existing property, and we think you will agree, the original computer generated imagery is a perfect match to the finished project. The size and scale of the home were accurately illustrated, whilst materials were highlighted well before building began, to demonstrate how they would sit and blend with the surrounding environment.


It is our job to provide you, the client, with confidence throughout the entire project, from design to build. We demonstrate the utmost professionalism and honesty, taking the pressure off you and allowing you to enjoy constructing your dream home.


Thinking of a design project of your own? Why not contact our Cotswold architects to discuss your ideas?