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Our Cotswold architects embrace rooms with views

2 Dec '20

Architectural Feature
Roof light over pool
Games Room

When hiring an architect your key motive will be to alter your living space. Perhaps you desire a larger kitchen, more bedrooms or an open plan socialising space. However, first-rate architecture looks beyond the internal constraints and evaluates the bigger picture, and what bigger picture is there than the stunning countryside on our doorstep? So, just how do our Cotswold architects utilise their skills in order to bring the outdoors in?


Glazed walls and doors


The quickest way to make a room feel small and cramped is to have a lack of natural light infiltrating the property. By replacing walls and doors with glass an area automatically appears to increase in dimension, improving the home with minimal spend. In a recent extension to a cottage in Oxfordshire, our architects focused on installing architectural features to help gain more natural light. The most subtle, yet dramatic, of these features was a glazed area in the kitchen. Without the glazing this space would have been neglected, a small area away from the table, with minimal potential except to house a sideboard. However, by installing glass not only to the wall, but extending upwards to the roof, the kitchen is bathed in light all year round. This kitchen extension also benefits from bifold doors alongside the seating area. Glazed doors are the perfect way to utilise a space further. In dry weather with the doors open, the kitchen feels very much as though it is outdoors, and the clients can absorb the village views without leaving their home.




Views don’t have to simply mean outwards, they can also be upwards, and rooflights have been used to increase the light flow to a property for many years. Small, Velux-type windows are the most common form of light well, however, we are seeing an increasing call for larger architecturally designed glazed roofs and the effects are stunning. In a Grade II listed refurbishment and extension in South Northamptonshire, which we completed last year, we installed an enormous light well measuring almost two metres in length above the pool. The pool, whilst luxurious without the glazing, now feels like the epitome of glamourous country living. The pool house is bathed in light, even on damp winter days, meaning the clients can enjoy a warm swim no matter the weather.


Rooms with views


Perhaps your home isn’t suited to large rooflights or glazed walls, but you crave a space where you can watch the changing seasons in a comfortable environment. Why not consider creating an outdoor room, an office perhaps, or a luxurious games room? Two years ago we were thrilled to gain planning for a modern games room in the grounds of an old rectory. The home was generous, but being traditional in style the windows were small and the owners felt detached from the outside world. The planned games room made the perfect alternative, a space to enjoy the view of the nearby Grade II listed church and surrounding countryside, enjoying the warmth in winter months and opening the doors to the garden during the summer.



Would you like to open your home to better views and more natural light? Why not contact our Cotswold architects to discuss your options?